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How to start Freelancing in Pakistan

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Note: This course will be conducted Live on zoom

What I will learn?

  • You will learn how to start Freelancing and earn by sitting at home
  • You will learn how to set up accounts on Fiver and Upwork
  • You will learn how to do content writing

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Freelancing in Pakistan

  • Introduction to Freelancing in Pakistan

Types of Freelancing

How to get successful on Upwork & Fiverr

Complete guide to Freelance Content Writing

Student Ratings & Reviews

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5 months ago
This course is an incredible opportunity for individuals to prepare for their freelancing journey. Hamna is an amazing teacher who provided clear and concise guidance on where to find jobs and how to locate clients as well as many additional relevant pointers. I was satisfied and would recommend other people to take this course before starting on your freelancing journey
6 months ago
The course was concise yet very informative and helpful. It gave young students an overview about freelancing and the platforms where it can be done to earn money. The instructor was amazing and explained the entire content really well with the help of examples. All in all it was an amazing learning experience.
6 months ago
The instructor was very willing to answer questions from individuals, which is very helpful, it was a top-quality course. keep going, we really need this type of course to improve our studies. Excellent. Thank you!!
7 months ago
This course was really informative for me as a beginner. Hamna explained everything very well also shared her experiences which made us aware of the scams.
Also the customer support of this web was very helpful and helped me in every possible way, I would highly recommend all beginners to take this course .
7 months ago
Course was really informative and helpful that would help us as youngsters be successful in the freelancing industry.Every question by hamna was answered in detailed whether it be would be during course or on the messages.Looking forward to enrolling myself in more courses
7 months ago
This course has really helped me to overcome all the shortcomings I had been facing as a freelancer. I would say it's a complete guideline for someone who wants to start freelancing from scratch especially as a content writer. I'll definitely be enrolling myself again in such courses if offered by Stakehold Pakistan.
7 months ago
As it was my first experience with the Stakehold Pakistan,and it was very well and I was amazed by it, Really love the way of teaching of Hamna Kamran Machiyara.
Looking further for more related courses
7 months ago
This course was enlightening in the sense that it would be a help everyone to get introduced to the freelancing industry. The instructor was well-experienced herself to impart her learnings. It's a good and effective way to kickstart your freelance journey. However, it would be great if the course can be more practical and value adding in the sense that we can get some material to refer to later, which can help us apply what we've learnt in the online class.

Overall, a good effort (Y)
7 months ago
This course was no doubt really helpful as it taught me the basics of freelancing. Hamna explained it really well😊.
7 months ago
How to start Freelancing in Pakistan by Ms. Hamna Kamran Machiyara is outlined in the best way possible and I had a great and significant learning experience taking this course. It includes very unique method of explaining all the fundamentals of Freelancing. I would like to add here that Ms. Hamna is an amazing and a very supportive instructor. This is a very important course to learn all the basics and I highly recommend to everyone who wants to start their new journey of Freelancing.
7 months ago
Being a beginner in the freelancing field, I really wanted some guidance and tips about how to become successful and grow as a freelance content writer. This course without a doubt, helped me learn a lot about freelancing in Pakistan and what fields I can choose other than content writing. Looking forward to taking up more such courses offered by Stakehold Pakistan.

Classes Schedule:

Friday 9th September 2022, 5pm

Saturday 10th September 2022, 5pm

Sunday 11th September 2022, 5pm

Monday 12th September 2022, 7pm

Last date to enroll is 8th September 2022

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A course by

Hamna Kamran Machiyara
Hamna Kamran Machiyara
Freelance content writer


  • No special instructions this course can be taken by anyone who is looking forward to earn money while staying in the comfort of their homes

Target Audience

  • Students
  • Housewives
  • Graduates

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